Benefits of Hiring a Home Inspector in San Diego

Buying a home can be a nerve-wracking process. Finding the ideal property that would fit into one’s budget can be overwhelming. Ensuring that the property is a good buy is yet another primary consideration. 

And while disclosures can help in determining possible issues in a prospective property, it will still be best to hire a home inspector. The extra cost is worth every penny, given the professional scrutiny that the home inspector will carry out.

What a home inspector does

Not all homebuyers will be expert in scrutinizing a home. Disclosures cannot be fully counted because not every home seller will be honest enough to tell the flaws of his property. This is especially true since these flaws will affect the final cost of the home that they are selling. Moreover, even if a homeowner is honest enough to admit all the problems in his property, he is also not a professional who can determine all the other issues he may not be possibly aware of.

Home inspectors are hired to ensure that a prospective homebuyer does not end up buying a flawed property at a steep cost.  Home inspectors review property disclosures documented by the homeowner. He will also visually inspect every nook and cranny of the house that is up for sale. This inspection will generate reports that may contain photographs of possible home defects that could affect the valuation of the home. The report will also provide the inspector’s suggestions on how to remediate the issues that he has uncovered.

The real estate agent and the homebuyer will use the report in discussing the final value of the property. If the inspector has uncovered issues, the buyer could ask the seller to remediate the flaws. The buyer can also give him the option of just lowering the final purchase cost to accommodate the repair expenses.

If the seller is not amenable to any of these, then the purchase may not push through, and the buyer is saved from buying a flawed home.

Why hire a home inspector in San Diego

There are numerous benefits to hiring a home inspector in San Diego. Foremost of the advantages are not purchasing a home that would have to be repaired soon. Not getting short-changed in the investment is alone an excellent reason for any homebuyer to hire a San Diego home inspector.

Here are other reasons why a buyer should hire a home inspector:

1.    A home inspector knows about all the State-mandated disclosures. The inspector will check against the guidelines and the home seller’s disclosure. And as he goes through the whole inspection process, the home inspector will also check against all the areas that may not have been disclosed by the property seller. By doing so, the buyer will be aware of all the possible flaws of the home he is trying to buy.

2.    A home inspector is an experienced professional. He may not have in-depth knowledge on all the aspects of homes, but he has a good idea of the details to watch out for. For instance, he can tell which houses have water damage, pests, possible asbestos issues, and plumbing and electrical problems. He can also say whether the HVAC systems, water heating, as well as sump pumps, and other appliances are working in optimal condition. Such knowledge and experience will save the homebuyer a considerable amount of money in possible repairs or upgrades.

3.    Hiring a home inspector means the home seller could have documented proof of the potential flaws of the home. A basis on which he will hinge his negotiation on a lower cost of the property if the seller is not willing to repair the issues. Since a home inspector is licensed and certified in each state, his report would weigh heavily during a negotiation.

4.    Smooth move-in. There is nothing like a hassle-free move into a new home. Imagine suddenly noticing a roof leak, or a having an HVAC breakdown in the middle of the summer. The inconvenience, plus the added expense, can ruin the joy of being in a new home and a new environment. When significant flaws have been identified and handled before moving in, the buyers will have a fresh start in their new house.

A home inspection is an indispensable part of the whole home buying process. Investing in a home means spending hard-earned money. It is also an investment of time. It is best to be sure about what to be investing in before signing the dotted line.

The homebuyer, though, should also be willing to do a bit of legwork. He should be prepared to choose a licensed and highly experienced home inspector who can guarantee what he is reporting about. It is best to get someone reputable and trustworthy. Someone who can show his license and can prove that he has worked for at least five years.

It is also best to ask the inspector about the usual scope of his inspection. Another crucial question to ask is how soon he can submit the report. Reliable inspectors usually generate reports 24-hours following the inspection procedure. This so that the homebuyer and his agent can have adequate time to review the story and make it to the five-day contingency following the signing of the purchase agreement. The report will then be the basis of the buyer and the agent to negotiate the contract cost in case property flaws are uncovered.

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